My Skannerz Comander hasn't arrived yet, but it should be here soon, also ordered a Ujalu Skannerz, and an auction on a Zendra will be ending soon, If I get that one as well my collection of the first four will be complete!

not sure if I'm going to bother with Skannerz Racers or Orbz, if anyone is interested in making pages for those feel free, I currently have zero knowledge on them.

I'm currently working on transcribing the monster and item pictures from my Pataak Skanner, its hard work especially the items since the item name insists on flashing across the screen every 3 seconds. I already have the Exile monsters drawn out, but I'm waiting to get all of their stats before giving them their own page with the completed picture.

I hope someone out their gets some use out of this wiki, I've actually learned a lot I didn't know about the game just poking around, especially the fact that dodging is effected by class advantages.

well I'm off for now


P.S. probably going to check to see if there is a Robot Arena Wiki, if not will probably make it.

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